Corporate Awards

We have a fabulous range of awards, crystals and desktop gifts for the corporate sector. Below is just a small selection of what we have to offer. Please contact us for a quote.

12cm x 9cm x 12mm Clear Glass Rectangle Award

The clear glass rectangle award has a wide variety of uses. It is available in three different sizes and has a large engraving area that can be personalised with any logo, crest or wording. It will take pride of place when out on display at home or at work.

9cm x 12cm x 12mm Jade Glass Horizontal Rectangle Award

With a subtle hint of jade, this horizontal rectangular transparent glass award is mounted on a matching highly polished plinth. In three sizes, each award is 12mm thick and is available in 9cm x 12cm (shown), 12.5cm x 15cm and 17.5cm x 20cm sizes.

10cm x 12mm Clear Glass Circle Award

Simple but very effective, the Circle awards are crafted out of 12mm thick clear glass and are mounted on a rectangular base, as shown. They are available in 3 sizes and are ideal recognition, achievement or incentive gifts.

10cm x 10cm x 15mm Clear Glass Facetted Octagon Award

Octagonal in shape, hand faceted and mounted on a highly polished bevel edged plinth, this attractive clear glass award comes in three sizes. Available in 18cm x 15mm (shown), 12cm x 15mm and 15cm x 15mm each item is ideal as a standalone award but can also be used for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place achievement or recognition or for sporting event prizes.

15cm x 12.5cm x 15mm Jade Glass Facetted Ice Peak Award

The sleek and stylish Irregular awards are crafted out of 15mm thick jade glass and are mounted on a rectangular base, as shown. They are available in 4 sizes and are ideal recognition, achievement or incentive gifts.

10.5cm x 10.5cm x 12mm Mounted Jade Glass Star Award

The jade glass star award is available in 10.5cm, 15cm and 18cm and is perfect for rewarding employees.

16cm Clear Optical Crystal Luxor Pyramid Award with 3 Cobalt Blue Lines

WOW! A stunning, layered, pyramid award in flawless optical crystal will impress anyone who sees it and it is perfect to recognise achievement at the highest level.

15cm Optical Crystal Facet Diamond Award

A contemporary take on a classic diamond shape. This free-standing, faceted, flawless optical crystal award is the perfect choice for recognition at the highest level.

Bepsoke Acrylic Wall Plaques

Brighten up your internal signage with bespoke acrylic wall plaques.

Colour 3D Presentation Awards

Colour 3D is a decoration technique that combines stunning sub surface engraved 3D images with colour print to create awards that are completely unique.

4GB Optical Crystal Memory Stick

The 4gb optical crystal memory stick is an ideal give away gift for corporate events. There is an engraving area where you can add any wording, logo or crest.

10.5cm Optical Crystal Star Paperweight

For star performers! This 10.5cm optical crystal star paperweight would look great on any desk. Ideal to use as a corporate giveaway or incentive to boost brand awareness or drive corporate identity there is space to engrave a logo, inscription or crest either on the front or in reverse on the back (which would give a subtle 3D effect). It comes already packaged in its own foam lined presentation box.